I am back to blogging. Read that again. I know I have been back for two times but I missed out on consistently blogging. But today, I wanted to write about why I decided to come back to blogging and how I will be writing my blog.

I learned today through a motivational book that writing is very important because as a to-be data scientist and actually anyone who wants to work in the business world today, the ability to write shows that person's skill in expressing himself/herself. A good writer is someone who can explain insights to anyone in a simple and easy-to-learn way. I felt that it was very important especially for me as my dream is to become a data scientist. My role would be collecting data and analyzing it and finally presenting the insights I found using the data to other colleagues. Which is why my writing skills would be vital for a good presentation. Therefore, I am now using blogging as a daily practice for myself to become a better writer and presenter.
Adding to it, the big reason I failed in consistently blogging was that I had no format and planning on how my blogs will be written. When I first started blogging using velog, I just wrote down whatever came into my mind without planning or thinking before hand. This lowered my motivation to blog and not even wanting to go back to read my blog. However, this time I came up with a format I will follow through all my bloggings from today. I would like to share it in today's blog.

1. First part would be TIL (Today I learned). 
	- I will write down what I learned throughout the day. Not just lessons I went through, but also any good information I found reading a book or even talking to someone. The important part here is that I will have to write the things I learned in my own words. Ex. If I learned a new javascript method regarding an array, I will explain what that method does and how it works in my own words. This will then improve my skills in expressing what I know and also help me understand the things I learned better.
2. 3 things I am thankful for.
	- This is just a part I included to give myself a good vibe. I want to always thank God for everything. I never want to take anything for granted. I always feel sad when I keep on praising myself and later find out that it was all God who lead me through. 
3. New ideas or Things I have to think about tomorrow.
	- This part is a good practice to my brain to think about new ideas consistently, because as a data scientist I believe an enterpreneurial mindset is vital. A good data scientist in my opinion is someone that can also think about how a business can find new opportunities and not just only dealing with data. Therefore, writing down any business ideas will train me to be familiar with being creative. 
    	I also want to write down things I have to think about tomorrow. This was an insight I found out in the book I read today, successful titans always write down what they have to think or decisions they have to make before sleeping in order to make their brains unconsciously think about it. Which will then lead to good solutions. 

Now above is the format I would want to write my blog.

It will be something like this...

  1. TIL (Today I learned)
  • Today I found out that the reason I failed in consistently blogging was that I lacked a good format and structure for blogging. So I came up with my own format to use throughout my blogging session daily.
  • I learned that blogging was not just for a portfolio purpose but it can help me improve my writing skills, presenting skills, language skills, and of course a good way to prove to my future employer that I am consistently doing something productive and I always try to be a better me.
  • Anteambulo is a word I learned today. This means to serve someone to help them become successful. I learned that serving or helping someone to become successful was also a good way for me to learn and also become successful. By serving others which is something most people do not want to do, this helps me to become a good leader too in the future.
  1. 3 things I am thankful for
  • I am thankful for coming back to blogging with a good format.
  • I am thankful for being able to end the day with thanking God.
  • I am thankful for having the motivation to learn something new.
  1. New Ideas or Things I have to think about
  • Google Data analyst certificate is a good way to become employed as a data analyst.
  • In my blogging, is writing down in bullet form or paragraph form better?
  • I want to improve my Korean skills by blogging but writing in both languages is too a hard task. Should I weekly swap languages or stick with English because it is a universal language.
  • I want to buy a bicycle to use it as a workout routine in the morning, is it a good buy or a waste of money.
my journey to become a data scientist.

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