Blog Day 5: The Road Not Taken

inseoparkk·2021년 7월 11일

Path to Data Scientist

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  1. TIL (Today I learned)
  • Today was a Sunday for me to thank God for the day. I seem to fail to remember how thankful I should and I am when I get to busy on focusing on how to become a better person when that does not matter to God. I want to become more humble and thankful instead of being too obssesed about my success because everyday is not given for free. Anything can happen tomorrow. Repeat that.
  • I started my 5 coplit questions a day which is my project "A code a day." It came into my mind yesterday that nothing is much easier and better than doing something a little by little 'daily.' I also gave myself a 100 push up a day routine to keep myself healthy and fit. This will be done everyday no matter what.
  • I learned about how to use for...of in javascript which is quite tricky but very useful as an alternative to using the normal for and while loops.
  1. 3 Things I am thankful for.
  • I am thankful for God leading me to stay in the military to avoid any hardships in Thailand. This is because if I had returned to Thailand last year, today I would be facing my graduation with a mess due to the covid crisis in Thailand. My mom shared this thought to me that it was a blessing from God to lead us to this place we live in today. I always forgot and complained, but from today I just want to be still and know God is always with me no matter what.
  • I am thankful that today I had a good rest and accomplished my daily goals in life.
  • I am thankful that I have good people around me and for keeping them healthy all the time.
  1. Ideas and Things to Think About
  • How can I keep myself motivated and at the same time give my time to God everyday to worship him.
  • How can I pause from time to time to guard my mouth from speaking things that I would regret.
  • How can I make my blog better and improve it to use it as a portfolio in the future.
my journey to become a data scientist.

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