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[ Information System ]

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Information System Project

- Analysis

📌 Tools of System Analysis

1️⃣ Leveling down

2️⃣ Context Diagram

  • Context Diagram
    : A graphical representation process of capture, manipulate, store, distribute data between a system and its components.

    What unique rules apply to drawing context diagrams?

    💬 Data Store can only exist in DFD but not Context Diagram.

  • DFD ( Data-flow Diagram )
    : Graphically represents movements of data between a system and its components.

    Why do systems analysts use data flow diagrams?

    💬 Systems Analyst uses the DFD to study and analyze
    the internal communication and process of business.

🔻 External Entity
: Represent the origin and/or destination of the data.

🔻 Process (Transformation)
: Represent work or action performed on data.

🔻 Data Store
: Represent data at rest.

🔻 Data Flow
: Represent data in movement as a unit from one place to another.
Drawn as an arrow.
Select a meaningful name to represent the data.

  • Level-0 Diagram
    : A DFD that represents major processes, data flows, data stores at a high level of detail.

  • Balancing DFD
    : A DFD that represents conservation of input and output when a process is decomposed to lower level.

BPR ( Business Process Reengineering )
: Reorganize data flow in major sections to eliminate unnecessary steps and identify activities that can be improved.

A decision table
: A graphical representation entities in table format that consists of intersection points of the conditional cases.

Decision tables are best suited for business rules that have multiple conditions.


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