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//MVC: Model - View - Controller architecture pattern


-MongoDB, Express, Angular(google), Node.js

- LAMP(what ppl would do before)


-Apache(Express.js → web server)

-MySQL(MongoDB → persistence layer)

-PHP or Python or Perl (Angular → User Interface)

- MERN stack

same as MEAN with React.js(face book)

Angular is still versatile but React is more popular

//bottle necking(병목현상)

//type script is a part of Javascript

- 3 tier architecture for developing Web App

  1. Data (model)
  2. Presentation (view)
  3. Logic (controller) → client side

- diff btw STATIC and DYNAMIC website:

ex. value of the stock changing ← Dynamic Web site (using AJAX)

//ajax 를 이용해서 조금 더 dynamic 하고 user friendly 한 web site개발 가능

- var, let const 차이:

-var: 재선언, 재할당 가능(e.g. var a = a;, var a = b;)

-let: 재할당 가능(e.g. var a = a;, a = b;)

-const: 둘다 불가능 (e.v. var a = a;)

<ㅇevent-driven programming>

- Thread pool system이란:

-multi threading? can manage events or task at same time

one task → one thread

other event → another thread

- intro to npm

  • npm(node packaged manager):

Node.js로 만들어진 모듈을 웹에서 받아서 설치하고 관리해주는 프로그램

//package는 모듈이라고도 불리는데 패키지나 모듈은 프로그램보다는 조금 작은 단위의 기능들을 의미

- Mongo DB

  • NoSQL(비정형, no relations, no JOIN query)
  • Replica set(Primart - Secondary…)
    • Primary only can write
    • Provide data redundancy, recover from hardware failure.
  • Vertical Scaling(when not too heavy) ↔ Horizontal Scaling(when big)
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