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Installation under Mac

You can easily install GraphViz by installing brew on your Mac machine. This could fix issues if you have installed GraphViz as .dmg package.

brew install libtool
brew link libtool
brew install graphviz
brew link --overwrite graphviz

By default, the dot executable is expected:

  • Firstly in: /usr/local/bin/dot
  • Then in: /usr/bin/dot

You can also specify the environment variable GRAPHVIZ_DOT > to set the exact location of your GraphViz executable.

Jetbrains Plugin

Install PlantUML Plugin

Entity Relationship Diagram - Complete Example


' hide the spot
hide circle

' avoid problems with angled crows feet
skinparam linetype ortho

entity "Entity01" as e01 {
  *e1_id : number <<generated>>
  *name : text
  description : text

entity "Entity02" as e02 {
  *e2_id : number <<generated>>
  *e1_id : number <<FK>>
  other_details : text

entity "Entity03" as e03 {
  *e3_id : number <<generated>>
  e1_id : number <<FK>>
  other_details : text

e01 ||..o{ e02
e01 |o..o{ e03


Graphviz 에러 발생

매우 유사한 참고자료:

$ which dot

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