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-What kind of a language is JS?
Is JavaScript interpreted by design?

-Variable declaration(type): var, const, let
Variable type !== Data type
Difference: updatable/fixed & scope
var: updatable & redeclarable & global/functional scope, hoisting
Problem in variable redeclaration

var greeter = "hey hi";
var times = 4;

if (times > 3) {
   var greeter = "say Hello instead"; 
console.log(greeter) // "say Hello instead"

const: fixed(but properties of objects can be changed) & block scope
let: updatable(but not redeclared) & block scope

-hoisting: variable/function/class declaration is primarily initialized

-TDZ: before a variable's initialization

Scope refers to the visibility of variables and context refers to the value of this in the same scope.
global scope
functional scope
block scope
module scope
lexical scope

In other words, innerFunc() closes over (a.k.a. captures, remembers) the variable outerVar from its lexical scope.

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