What happens if I cancel Non Refundable Flight on United Airlines

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Can you get a refund for the non-refundable ticket on United Airlines?

Do you want to know that United Airlines provides a refund for the non-refundable ticket or not?  An individual may sometimes be stuck in a situation because of which they would have to cancel their booked flight tickets. If you have booked your flight on United Airlines that you intend to cancel later, you will be lucky to get a refund in return. You can learn the process for how to get a refund from United Airlines for a non-refundable ticket and the policy, by going through the information below.

How does United Airlines offer refund for non-refundable tickets?

If you are thinking will United Airlines refund a non refundable ticket then you are in the right place to know about it. The policy on the basis of which United Airlines specified the criteria for offering non-refundable fare refund is set out below.
·       United Airlines offers a convenient refund policy based on which it gives a complete refund for cancelling a booked ticket with scheduled departure after 7 days or more within 24 hours of the original booking.
·       You could also request a refund from United Airlines for a non-refundable fare if you are beyond the 24-hour window, but the refund is given in the form of credit to your future wallet with them.
·       When a passenger have to cancel a flight due to any unplanned situations not under the control of an individual, United Airlines provide the refund for a non-refundable tickets.
·       You can ask for a refund on United Airlines for a non-refundable fare by visiting the official website and fill in the online refund request form or by contacting service center via phone call.

Therefore, you can understand by going through the details above that how will United Airlines refund a non refundable ticket fare to the passengers. Besides, you can get in touch with a live person at United Airlines for any further assistance.


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