[Conversation] How often do you go to parties?

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[Daily] Conversation

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how often do/does you/he V : how many times do you V, usually answer like “once a month”, “three times a day”
what do you usually V : what are a creature that looks like a very small human being, has magic powers, and sometimes has wings


A: How often do you go to parties?
B: I go to a party once a month.
A: What do you usually talk about at a party?
B: I usually talk about my interests and hobbies.
A: If you see your dream girl at a party, what will you say to her?
B: I will introduce myself, and ask her name.
A: What is the best party you’ve been to?
B: My father’s 60th birthday party was the best party for me.

You are the life of the party.

A: Some party, uh? You're the life of the party.
B: Thank you.
A: How do you know the host and hostess?
B: We work in the same office, And you?
A: I met the hostess at another party last week.
B: Oh, she told me about you.


Some party! 굉장한 파티야!
the life of the party = someone who is very lively and amusing at a party or other social gathering
How do you know someone? someone을 어떻게 아니?
I met (someone) at (place) (time). 나는 (time)에 (someone)을 (place)에서 봤어.

How do you know him?

A: It's a blast.
B: Do you know the man with a hat? I've seen him many times at parties.
A: He's a party animal. He just loves parties.
B: How do you know him?
A: We work in the same office.


It's a blast. = an exciting or enjoyable experience or event, often a party
Do you know (someone)? (someone)을 아니?
How do you know (someone)? (someone)을 어떻게 아니?
He's a party pooper. : someone who spoils other people's enjoyment by disapproving of or not taking part in a particular activity.
I want to have me time.
It's a big bash = the party is big.

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