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English Diary

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My Story

오늘은 나의 출근길을 간단하게 적어보려해.
평소 나는 6시 10분 쯤에 침대에서 눈을 떠. 하지만, 바로 씻지는 않고 약 10분 정도 시간을 끌면서 트위터나 유튜브를 시청하다가 출근 준비를 하게되지.
아침 식사는 간단한 토스트나 전 날 사 놓은 빵이나 바나나와 커피를 내려서 먹고 출근을 해. 6시 55분 쯤에 집을 나서게 되. 난 버스와 자하철을 이용해서 출퇴근을 하고 있어. 아파트가 전철역과 거리가 좀 있어서, 전철역 까지 버스로 세 정거장을 이동해서, 전철역에서 다시 회사 근처의 전철역 까지 4개 역을 이동해서 다시 약 5분정도 걸어서 사무실에 도착하게 되. 걷는 거리는 정확히 측정해 보지는 않았지만, 약 2km정도 되는 것 같아. 출근에 걸리는 시간은 약 40분 정도 소요 되지만, 이용하는 교통수단이 많아서 그런지 좀 더 멀게 느껴져. 그래서 난 사무실에서 일하는 것 보다는 재택이 더 좋아.
오늘은 이걸로 출근 이야기를 마칠게.
내일 또 보자.

Thoughts in English

I would like to talking about my commute.
Usually, i wake up in my bed 6:10 in the morning. But i don't go bath room and wash my body, just stay at my bed and watch the Twitter and Youtube for about 10Min.
I eat Tost or Banna and Coffee with my breakfast.
I leave my home at 5min before 7AM. And use Bus and Subway for my commute. Because my Apatment is little bit far from Subway station, i should use Bus to go to subway station. After pass three bus stop, i can arrive to Subway station. And then, i move 4 stations and get out a station near by my office. it's not the end. I can allive my office finally after walk for about 5min. i didn't ever measure the distance from the station to my office, i just guess about 2km. It takes about 40 min to commute. but i feel it takes more time to go to my office. so i proper to work from my home than office.
i gonna stop today's my story.
CU tomorrow.

Thout in GPT

Today, I'm going to write about my morning commute. Usually, I wake up around 6:10 AM, but I don't immediately get out of bed. Instead, I spend about 10 minutes scrolling through Twitter or watching YouTube before getting ready for work. For breakfast, I have a simple toast or some bread that I bought the previous day, along with a banana and a cup of coffee. After that, I head out for work around 6:55 AM.

I use a combination of bus and subway for my daily commute. Since my apartment is a bit far from the subway station, I take a bus for about three stops to reach the subway station. From there, I take the subway for four more stations until I reach the station near my office. It takes me about 5 minutes to walk from the station to the office. I haven't measured the exact walking distance, but it seems to be around 2 kilometers. The total commute time is approximately 40 minutes, but because I use multiple modes of transportation, it feels a bit longer. That's why I prefer working from home rather than being in the office.

That's all for today's morning commute story. See you tomorrow.

Plan to write think.flow

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