Daily News Headline - May 31, 2023

신동현·2023년 5월 31일

English News

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  1. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Nvidia, Tesla, Coinbase and more

  2. Dow finishes Tuesday lower as Wall Street weighs odds of debt ceiling deal clearing Congress: Live updates

  3. Debt ceiling bill clears key hurdle in the House, teeing up final vote

    • tee: (골프공을 올려 두는 작은 받침) 티
  4. Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Advance Auto Parts, SoFi, Twilio and more

  5. Stocks fall as traders await debt ceiling progress in Washington: Live updates

<Reference: CNBC>


The world in brief

In today's edition: Nvidia hits $1trn valuation, India's rosy economy, and a photographic portrait of the Arctic

The new normal

Our model suggests that global deaths remain 5% above pre-covid forecasts. Is the virus alone to blame?

Asia's iron lady

Sheikh Hasina's feelings of grievance could threaten her legacy and Bangladesh's future. Our interview with her offers little reassurance

  • grievance: 불만 (고충)

Innovate, baby

The world's fertility problem is worse than you thought-and will pummel economies' productivity

<Reference: Economist>

New York Times

The Morning Briefing

Drone strikes hit Moscow, a U.N. crew races to stop an oil spill near Yemen, Turkey's conservative women continue to power President Erdogan

Beating and Mock Executions

Four Russians accused of turning Kherson detention centers into torture chambers have been charged with war crimes by Ukraine.

Sirens Unnerve Seoul

South Koreans awoke to warnings to "prepare to evacuate" after North Korea launched a rocket. It turned out to be a false alarm.

  • Unnerve: 불안하게 만들다

Breaking News

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos enterpreneur, reported to a federal prison to begin her sentence of 11-plus years.

The bipartisan debt limit deal scaled its first major obstacle: A House committee cleared the way for a debate on the plan despite G.O.P. rancor.

  • rancor: 원한, 유감; 적의, 악의; 증오

<Reference: New York Times>

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

It's not just bad luck-there's a reason why you're losing more on the Begas Strip

Breaking News

Former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley said he and CEO Jamie Dimon discussed whether to keep Jeffrey Epstein as a client. JPMorgan said that is false.

<Reference: Wall Street Journal>


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