Daily News Headline - May 29, 2023

신동현·2023년 5월 29일

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  1. Turkey's lira sinks to fresh record low after Erdogan re-eleciton

<Reference: CNBC>


The world in brief

In today's edition: Erdogan claims election victory, Nigeria swears in a new president, and an anniversary on Mount Everest

Erdogan is re-elected

Turkey has lost its best chance in a decade to repair its democracy

In hot water

Japan's onsen resorts are blocking geothermal energy plants

Making up for lost time?

A new wave of mass migration has begun. We assess what this means for the global economy

<Reference: Economist>

New York Times

The Morning Briefing

U.S. officials strike a debt limit deal, President Erdogan wins re-election in Turkey, Covid cases rise in China

Breaking News

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was re-elected president of Turkey, results on state media showed. He has vexed Western allies while consolidating power.

  • vex: 성가시게 하다 (짜증나게 하다)

<Reference: New York Times>

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

The brilliant math coach teaching America's kids to outsmart AI

The world's hottest celebrities are completely obsessed with an 81-year-old Japanese architect. "It was like working with God."

The healthcare plan most people should buy-and why they don't

Breaking News

Turkey's President Erdogan won re-election in a runoff, beating a challenger who had united six parties in a bid to oust him

<Reference: Wall Street Journal>


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