Daily News Headline - June 6, 2023

신동현·2023년 6월 6일

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  1. SEC sues Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao for U.S. securities violations

  2. Mike Pence files paperwork to launch 2024 Republican presidential campaign

  3. Apple's about to reveal its VR headset, new iPhone software and more: Follow along for live updates

  4. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Palo Alto Networks, 3M, Amedisys, Target and more

  5. Apple unveils Vision Pro headset: Follow along for WWDC live updates

  6. Apple just announced its first major product since 2014: The Vision Pro for $3,499

  7. S&P 500 closes slightly lower on Monday after touching highest level since August: Live updatse

  8. Evacuations begin as large dam in southern Ukraine breached: live updates

  9. SEC sues Coinbase over exchange and staking programs, stock drops 14%

  10. Stocks making the biggest premarket moves: Mobileye, Epam Systems, Thor Industries, Apple & more

  11. Merck sues Biden administration over Medicare drug price negotiations

  12. Stocks are little changed with S&P 500 hovering near a 9-month high: Live updates

  13. PGA Tour agrees to merge with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf

<Reference: CNBC>


The world in brief

In today's edition: Ukraine's counter-offensive, Chris Christie takes on Donald Trump and the extraordinary lives of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A rising threat

China is acutely vulnerable to changing sea levels. The government is only now realising the damage they could cause

Nataional trauma

"It is three times the size of what it was before the invasion." A vast Ukrainian cemetery is awaiting casualties of the counter-offensive

  • cemetery: 묘지

A technical marvel

Few will fork out for Apple's Vision Pro. But the company is preparing the ground for something bigger

  • fork out: (특히 마지못해) 돈을 들이다; 지지하다

<Reference: Economist>

New York Times

The Morning Briefing

Ukraine intensifies attacks on the front line, trains restart near the crash site in India, Afghan officials suspect schoolgirls were poisoned

Is the Bear Market Over?

The S&P 500 is nearly 20 percent above its lowest level of 2022, close to a milestone for some. But assessing a bull market is not so simple.

A Diagram of the Crash

We studied photos, read statements and interviewed officials to show step by step how the India train crash unfolded.

Breaking News

A critical dam and hydroelectric power plant in southern Ukraine were destroyed, according to videos verified by The New York Times.

The S.E.C. sued Coinbase, the largest U.S. crypto trading platform, claiming that the company broke securities laws.

The pharmaceutical company Merck sued the government, claiming a law that lets Medicare negotiate prices with drugmakers is unconstitutional.

The PGA Tour and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league will merge, executives announced, ending a bitter split in the men's professional game.

<Reference: New York Times>

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

We got a chance to use Apple's new Vision Pro. Here's what we think.

Breaking News

The SEC sued Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, alleging it operated an illegal stock exchange in the U.S.

Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who spied for Russia, was found dead in his prison cell

A major dam in a Russian-occupied part of Ukraine was destroyed, causing serious flooding. Both sides accused each other of being responsible.

Venture-capital firm Sequoia will separate its China and other Asia operations from its U.S. business amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington

The SEC sued Coinbase, alleging the U.S.'s largest crypto platform violated rules that require it to register as an exchange

In a stunning move, the PGA Tour and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league agreed to merge, ending a divide that has dominated the sport

<Reference: Wall Street Journal>


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