Daily News Headline - June 2, 2023

신동현·2023년 6월 2일

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  1. Stocks jump Thursday, Nasdaq pops 1% as traders cheer advancement of debt ceiling bill: Live updates

  2. Senate passes bill to raise debt ceiling, preventing first-ever U.S. default

  3. Hong Kong's Hang Seng jumps 3% led by gains in tech stocks

  4. Dow rises 200 points, Nasdaq jumps 1% as investors applaud debt ceiling progress: Live updates

  5. Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Dollar General, Salesforce, C3.ai, Chewy & more

  6. Microsoft inks deal for A.I. computing power with Nvidia-backed CoreWeave that could be worth billions

  7. Senate votes to repeal Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. White House warns Biden will veto

    • veto: 거부권; 금지; 기각하다; 거부하다

<Reference: CNBC>


The world in brief

In today's edition: America's long jobs boom, Nepal's prime minister in India, and a critical take on Picasso's legacy

Too hot to handle?

Iran's religious leaders have nuclear bombs "on demand", and satellite pictures suggest America can't do much about it

Once and for all

Pakistan has become a global menace. It is abysmally governed, violent, unstable and nuclear-armed. Its generals must get out of politics

  • menace: 위협적인 존재; 위협

Baby bust

A slump in births means more old people and less human genius-with profound consequencees for the world

<Reference: Economist>

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Warren Buffett calls it "one of the shames of capitalism." The tricks companies are using to juice their profit numbers.

Breaking News

The Senate voted to suspend the debt ceiling and cut federal spending. Biden plans to sign the bill into law, averting a U.S. default.

The labor market has defied expectations of a slowdown this year with 339,000 jobs added in May. The unemployment rate rose to 3.7%.

<Reference: Wall Street Journal>


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