Layered Architecture

고승우·2023년 9월 10일

Why Layer needed?

  • To abstract other layers
    - You can focus on the constructing layer if abstractions being well
    • Modulization allows you to using other layer like part of yours.
  • To maintain vertical hierarchy between components easily
    - Easy to check and test the System

Presentation Layer

  • Layer which associated with UI and view
    In Spring MVC Architecture, It means View + controller

Service Layer

Service Layer is application's boundary with a layer of services that establishes a set of available operations and coordinates the application's response in each operation.

  • Combine the domain model and decide the main feature
    - Which task this application do?
  • Generally complex task needs bundle of domains to be processed
    - Role of Service Layer is combine those functions and provide it
  • Core of API service
    - But, placing main logic at Business layer is ideal. Service layer should svelte

Business layer (Domain Model)

  • The place most Important, core logic is located
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