Is it possible to hold Flight Reservations without paying money

ddbftr·2021년 2월 8일

To get better knowledge about the subject, one should first know when he should go ahead for reservation? Ideally, it is suggested that flight reservations should be made before one or two days before the visa interview or application submission date. When somebody comes up to ask How Long can I Hold my Flight Reservation, the appropriate answer is “it depends”. Yes, it completely depends upon the airlines that the passenger is planning to fly with.

Some organizations tend to provide a facility of choosing a later delivery date at no extra charge. The passenger should ensure to keep in mind that there is no set expiration date for an unpaid reservation of flight; therefore there should be no guarantee. When they create a reservation just before visa application submission, it gives a better chance of lasting longer, although nobody can give guarantees.

What about rough estimates?

·     Such organizations refrain from making the claims on behalf of the airlines. There might be some people who have a statement that these reservations last from 24 hours to two weeks.
·     Since there have been witnesses that reservations had been canceled, or the reservation period going above or below this time range, nobody promises on the behalf on airlines. The best these organizations can offer is that they can create a new reservation free of charge in case of expiration of the previous one.

Why are things unpredictable?

Some airlines might choose to release a reservation at any moment without giving prior notice to the passenger or even the travel agency. The only reason behind that is there are some reservations that are not paid, airlines, in that case give preference to paid air tickets over them. This again depends from airlines to airlines.

Long story short, there is no certainty of the query how long can i hold my flight reservation without paying , but things can go right sometimes if the customer calls the representative at the customer service and requests him to hold the reservation, provided that the reason is genuine.


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