It's Showtime: A Beverly Hills Spec Mansion With Two Movie Theaters Asks $48 Million

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The Wall Street Journal

The 16,000-square-foot home is one of the priciest to come on the L.A. market since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

A Beverly Hills spec house with a juice bar, two movie theaters and 16 bathrooms is being shopped for $48 million.

One of the most expensive Los Angeles-area homes to become available since the coronavirus lockdown, the eight-bedroom house spans more than 16,000 square feet across three levels. Developer Ilan Sharone said he bought the roughly 1-acre site for $6 in 2013 and tore down an existing home to make way for the new one.

In addition to the two movies theaters-one inside and one outside-the property's many amenities include a health and wellness suite on the lower level, where the juice bar is located along with a gym, a meditation room and a steam sauna with a massage table. The house also has a glass elevator, a safe room, and a wine cellar decorated with backlit blue gemstones. Mr.Sharone said several of the 16 bathrooms have multiple stalls to make sure no one is left waiting in line, for a total of 21 toilets.

The grounds include an outdoor kitchen with a retractable canopy, a pizza oven and a fire pit. There are two pools, including a clear-sided private pool on the roof that's part of the master suite.

Mr.Sharone said he has developed or remodeled about 25 homes in the L.A. area as an investor, but this is the priciest to date. The house was only recently completed. "It took a little longer than I expected.", he said. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, he said he plans to quietly market the property at first before listing it on multiple listings service.

Marketing it widely right now "just didn't feel right with everything going on in the world from Covid-19", he said.

But he said he feels the house is perfect for the quarantine lifestyle. "If you're going to have to stay home, at least have the whole world at your house so you don't have to leave," he said.

There are a number of spec homes on the market in the area with price tags in the tens of millions, leading some experts to question whether there is enough demand to meet the supply. But Joshua Altman of Douglas Elliman, who has the listing with Matt Altman, said he believes this property will stand out from the crowd.

"There was, and is, a certain type of product that's just your basic whitewashed modern that's just lost steam," he said. "But this is a more livable type of house. It's not a museum."

Mr.Sharone is known for partnering with Scott Disick, former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, in the E! Network show "Flip It Like Disick," which followed Mr. Disick as he tackled high-end home flipping and remodeling.

Mr.Sharone worked in the marketing industry before he began his career in real estate, producing commercials for beauty products like nail polish. He still works in the entertainment industry and is currently working on a romantic comedy based in the U.S. and India, he said.

spec house투자용 주택
span(폭, 너비가) 걸치다
tear down(건물, 담 등) 허물다
make way for ~~에 자리를 내주다
retractable접어 넣을 수 있는
clear-sided투명한 벽면의
backlit후광이 비추는
fire pit화덕
the priciest to date지금까지 최고가
multiple listings service거래 정보망
don't feel right옳지 않다고 생각하다
quarantine lifestyle격리 생활 방식
listing상장회사(list v.상장하다)
stand our from ~~중에 두드러지다
whitewashed화이트 색상의
lose steam열기가 식다
flip홱 뒤집다. 사서 개조하여 되팔다

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