Workout scheduler Solo Project

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  1. The training method can be recommended according to the exercise goal, and individuals can modify it as needed.
  • Addable list
  • Modifiable text(include training name, set, rm, and so on...)
  • Storable form

  1. Make it possible to check the posture with photos or videos for each training method.
  • If you click on the name of the exercise, make a photo or video appear
  • Attach a small image in front of the title to make it possible to preview.

  1. Add a timer function.
  • The total exercise time can be measured, and a pause function and a full stop function should be included.
  • The timer function for each exercise should also be included.

  1. Set all types of exercise to be categorized into muscle groups and equipment
  • If necessary, both muscle groups and equipments are applied to enable classification.

  1. Implement to keep accumulating daily exercise records
  • Make today's date a default and add or modify as needed

  1. Enable dark mode and white mode conversion

  1. Put motivational phrases
  • Several phrases are exposed in rotation

  1. Add weather API
  • Show weather when the running option is added

Tech stack


  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React(+styled components, slick)


  • git

Project Period

      1. ~ 2022. 6. ?.
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